Most brands offer various outsoles suitable for use only on those specific playing surfaces for which they have been designed. Below are a list of the different types of outsoles and the surface they were designed for:

Indoor = for use on indoor polished surfaces.

Turf = for use on artificial surfaces and use by some players for training (i.e. astro turf or artificial grass surfaces)

Hard Ground = for use on hard ground (i.e. dirt/gravel/sand surfaces)

Firm Ground = for use on natural surfaces (i.e. natural grass surfaces). This the most common type of shoe use to play soccer.

Soft Ground = for use and and very wet soft natural surfaces (i.e. natural grass surfaces) 

For outsoles with exchangeable studs (mostly soft ground shoes):

• Please use your footwear only on the recommended ground conditions. 
• Tighten exchangeable studs and check before use. 
• Any worn studs should be replaced before use. 

General Care:

Full grain leather and kangaroo leather is a natural product which might change its characteristics over time. To ensure best possible results, please follow this instructions: 

• Wash with clean, warm water using a soft natural cloth: avoid scrubbing brushes or other rough surfaced cloths. Dry naturally, in fresh air. Do not place near/on radiators or airing cupboards. Do not leave boots in bags.

• Polish with non-solvent based shoe, polish regularly. For coloured shoes, use appropriate coloured polish where possible, or alternatively a clear natural polish. These must be non-solvent based. Regular treatment with non solvent based shoe cream should enhance the life of this product. 

• Shoes trees will maximies shape retention. Do not place in washing machine or tumble dryer.


Shoe sizing and fit can vary from brand to brand. If you are not sure what size will fit you best please contact us at or call us at 1-866-957-6223. 

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